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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 6, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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be used to the pain. that's it for the b. i don't what this mess is, blame the media for most things, you can blame europe for that. >>neil: they vote. he talks. stocks tank. this super tuesday, did something seriously just shift? welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and on the campaign big of the day of the year, the markets, worse day of the year and we interrupt this rally with some shocking jolt of reality. stocks hit hard on growing signs the economic recovery could be looking soft with greece fumbling, and china, yes, china, hiccupping and republican candidates competing in ten states wasting little time pounding. >> almost 50% receive some
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government benefit. in president obama's eyes that is success. they should focus on getting people off the programs and in to work. >> across the entire state of ohio, across the entire nation this is the best lay for entrepreneurs. and innovators and job creators because i want more good jobs. and rising incomes again that is what it is all about. >>neil: we don't know for sure which of these guys has the ultimate edge tonight, but we did know the who is back to front and center today, and now to, one day does not make a trend but it does raise questions about issues we is discussed before, such as expressing relief in europe when there was in reason to, and countrying china's humming along nicely when there was no reason to look at that, so, some doubts. >>guest: well, mitt romney has
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been consistent in focusing on the economy and times that has not attracted headlines but constantly it has come back to the front pinch -- page and that is why she locking leak he has the moment up. rick santorum did not by have the for the economy, did not talk about jobs, not as much as republicans thing he should have. so, again, the economy. back in the spotlight. and mitt romney has been consistent but republicans are worried about the gaffes. >>neil: the argument with the economy is if it starts improving and you are a republican you can be between a rock and a hard place so the republican's argument republicans always waiting for disaster, how does rick santorum or ron paul, or newt gingrich or mitt romney differentiate. >>guest: that is tough. because both parties have that privately what they are rooting
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for and romney and the other presidential candidates have to focus on although it is a little bit better, than it was six months ago, it is still not where it should be and romney is talking a lot about not settling for 8.3 percent unemployment insurance which is higher than when obama took over. newt gingrich is talking about 4 percent unemployment saying do not settle for the middle of the road economy and maybe it is improving, maybe it is not, but you remember the recovery summer that the obama administration touted and they had to back track because the economy took a bad turn. >>neil: do you think if mitt romney won ohio tonight is it your view assuming he picks up virginia where it is he and ron paul, that he is well on his way, or is it way too early to say after that? >>guest: if he ins ohio and
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the state, and he will win some states, he will win massachusetts and vermont and probably virginia so he has some in the pocket, and if he won ohio, this is basically done. that does not mean newt gingrich will get out, but romney with have cleared a major hurdle and would show that he can finally close this if he wins seven or eight states and ohio is a must when not for romney but for santorum. >>neil: good to have you, bob. that was interesting. >> i challenge the other three candidates to join me in mississippi or alabama for a debate. we owe it to the people of mississippi and alabama to have a debate. >>neil: newt gingrich pushing for more debates saying it is to everyone's advantage but is it? a key newt gingrich supporter is here.
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>>guest: nice to be with you. >>neil: first housekeeping, your fine state is a must win state for your candidate, is it not? >>guest: i think so and he has said that, and certainly being state he represented for 20 years in congress and brought the speakership to our state as a distinction it is a state he will win. we certainly hope it will be more than a 50 percent margin. >>shepard: if he wins. this were talks he was pinning his hopes on tennessee, but new it looks less likely but things can change. if it is just georgia will be he in a pickle? >>guest: well, of course, the south has become a stronghold for republicans and national party has to defend the south. south carolina is if his column. georgia will be if his column
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and the other southern states will come up in the near future. hopefully they will in his column and it means that other candidates have to understand they cannot ignore the south. we did have a debate scheduled officially and the other candidates pulled out of georgia. that sends a emergency they are not paying as much attention to the south as they should. >>neil: you thing that is to the candidates' benefit, he picks up southern states along the way, those up for grabs next week and the week after, and maybe builds a ronald reagan southern strategy? >>guest: well, it certainly looks like it could build up that way, obviously i hope he does well in places like tennessee and oklahoma, and in talking with him fairly recently he felt very good about the states. >>neil: what happens, governor, there was a time after south carolina he was on fire and it looked like he could blaze through and then, boom,
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what happened? >>guest: he had a lot of money dumped against him in florida and he has not had the amount of revenue available other candidates have had. >>neil: we he has had sheldon who is a mouth -- mogul. >>guest: but he has not had the rest now available as romney but he has fought and is selling his ideas and what is encouraging not only has he advocated ideas on things like energy, before that became an issue than is now seeking the prominence it deserved but he was talking about it for a while and he has a report as the speaker and he has a very good record in terms of being the speaker when we balanced the federal budget and passing well
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ferry form so he has implemented his ideas. >>neil: no doubt she a part guy. governor, if you had to weigh your odds on newt gingrich assuming he pulls georgia off and say it is close, he barely wins his home state, there will be pressure for conservatives and rick santorum says that should be him not newt gingrich and is there any sign from newt gingrich he would do that? or is it your sense this goes on and on? >>guest: well, i have not asked him specifically about that, but i think he indicated he was in it for the long hall and there are other states in the south if particular and he feels good about his chances so that is a decision he has to make and tonight in georgia we will be able to send a strong message that the home state is behind him. and it is off to the races, i am
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talking about the results tonight and the super coverage we have planned on fox business network, from ohio to alaska, we have sarah palin with us, former g.o.p. presidential candidate herman cain, former san francisco mayor willie brown, and we have don imus and son and on and on and we will bring you the results and the market reaction from around the world, tick for tick, vote for vote. people are saying i am bending my good friend bret baier on fox business network, he will want me, that is true. i have seen the agenda kicking off at 8:00 p.m. tonight on fox business network. you don't get it in demand it. forget this race and focus on congress, republican fundraisers are doing that, and virginia's republican governor says big mistake and i-man is a fan of
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your military values. call now for our free guide and tips on planning for your retirement this tax season. >>neil: they are hoping this is more the exception with the dow suffering the most dive this year down 323 points. in europe it is now a problem with worries of greece to get their act together. and china maybe not growing as fast as first thought. and now, my guest was worried the sell off confirms that, maybe, this global economy is headed for bumps. former chairman of ubs is my special guest at 6:00 p.m. tonight on the fox business network. elsewhere today, ahead of the super tuesday results, new word that republican money guys are focusing on house and senate
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races with doubts of presidential race taking hold. republican governor is confident the story can take it all and is supporting mitt romney if this race. governor, not everyone is doing this sort of looking at the senate map and thing, well, maybe we can turn the senate our way, but a number are looking at that and not giving up on the presidency but thinking they have a better shot in the senate. >>guest: well that is inaccurate view of the political landscape headed in to november. my prior to beside winning the presidency is winning a number of new government states and we have eight seats where the democrats are on the defense and we can win four or five but an assessment, while all the republicans are duking it out for who will be the candidate and the president has a free pass on the side lines, to say, now, we cannot win the presidency, that is just flat wrong and we have a great chance because people are going to vote on leadership, they will vote on
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debt and deficit and they will vote on jobs and the president's record combined with the good ideas our candidates have will be a phenomenal distinction of what we believe about america, so i like our chances and i think that is a very small minority that think that. >>neil: do you worry about the enthusiasm gap, maybe it goes to the length of the race or the nastiness of the race, but, a lot of republicans are simply not as passionate or jazzed or in to it as you would first think and that seems to be coming up in the exit polls the last couple of months. does that concern you? the jazzed go out and vote if droves and not so jazzed base, they do not. >>guest: if it was true no have evidence in our state that is accurate but there are four
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candidates, we had nine or ten, and a lot of the base is split over who they think is the best messenger but once the nomination fight is done and people contrast our nominee which i hope will be romney is the most electable and most results oriented, they can compare that with the record of the president on debt, deficit, spending, unionization, taxes, it is night and a day difference. i do believe people will be jazzed for our candidate but, more so, opposed to the left-leaning policies of the president. >>neil: rick santorum and of course newt gingrich are not on the ballot in your fine state, but, they are still burned up about that and they say it was everyone against them, but regardless, they are not on it, and assuming mitt romney beats ron paul if your state, will it carry that burden of ticking off a lot of conservatives if -- in
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the process. >>guest: i don't think so. the rules were very well said. we have had the rules for 40 years in virginia, you have to get 10,000 good signatures and i got it twice, and it took work and organizations but, if you are going to be the president of the president of the united states you ought to be able to get 10,000 signatures, it takes message and organization to do that and of thely two people did not make it. so, they complained after the fact about the rules and that is not the way to do it. i wish they were on the ballot so we would have more competition, more people included to vote republican but romney will win, today in virginia and capture our 49 votes and will come out of super tuesday with more commanding lead than he went in to it and this is the beginning of our declaration that mitt romney is our candidate. >>neil: governor, do you get a sense that the economy could slip as we mentioned at the outset, china is looking iffy, the global committee, and the
1:18 pm
wind the president thought would be at his back could be a serious head wind? what do you make of that? >>guest: well, for the good of the american people and eight million people of virginia, i am rooting for the president, and i am rooting for america, we have been if this, now, over 8 percent, for three years every month but for the first month of the president's term, and we have another $5 trillion in debt diagnosis his term, more than any president in american left, so, some of the policies have not helped but i want us to recover and cut the unemployment rate and if you look at the states governor ended by republican governors you see the rate drop. i am rooting for america, but, at the same time, if the economy does slow down that certainly is going to even enhance the jobs, job development and taxes and regulation is going to be the top issue on americans' minds in
1:19 pm
november. >>neil: if to see you, governor, be well. never mine gas prices falling, there was that bit of good news, do you thing the president had anything to do with the run up of the prior 27 days. not to hear him tell it. >> from a legal perspective do you think the president wants gas prices going up higher in a political election? does that make sense? >>neil: the guy who got the big guy all riled up after this. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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>>neil: the run up in gas prices taking a breather after 27 straight days of advancing the national average for a gallon but still fueling the fire at white house.
1:23 pm
>> critics will say you want the gas prices to go higher because you have said that will leave the american people -- get the american people off fossil fuels. >> do you think the president of the united states going into a re-election wants gas provisions higher? i want them lower because it hurts family. >>neil: and immediately after that they removed ed henry from the white house, the chief white house correspondent now outside the white house. ed, how did that go? >>guest: well, great. we are paid to ask tough questions. that is where the chips may fall. but he did not mention in 2008 his own energy secretary chu before he was part of the administration said it would be a good idea for the united states gasoline prices to go up to european-style gas prices, rise to that level, because that, in fact, would ween members off fossil fuels. the administration may not want
1:24 pm
to acknowledge it but it is a fact. the president has been talking recently about how, what he calls "loose talk of war in iran," is driving the price of gasoline and oil up most days although it came down today. and that is the bottom line for the president and part what he reacted to the fact that this is threatening the recovery but it is also threatening the re-election. >>neil: when he talked about what was going on, and talked about iran he could have contributed to the republicans saying he is not tough enough. >>guest: well, he would push back hard on that because he was trying at the news conference to repeatedly say that he is trying to tap down the talk of war, with iran, and talking about some people on the republican campaign trail drumming up the possibility of war.
1:25 pm
he believes he does have a clear policy that sanctions are cent poling the iranian reyep and thinks there is a window of opportunity for diplomacy to prevent a war and stock market iran from getting nuclear weapons and here is a shot at the republicans on the trail. >> now, what is said on the campaign trail, those folks do not have a lot of responsibilities. they are not commander in chief. and when i see the casualness with which some of the folks talk about war i am reminds of the costs involved in war. i am reminded of the decision that i have to make in terms of sending our young men and women in to battle. and the impact it has on their lives. >>shepard: the president at
1:26 pm
odds with the republican presidential candidates and we knew that but the bigger issue is whether he still is at odds with the israeli prime minister, binyamin netanyahu, who give a fiery speech last night after meeting here with the president. and it is clear the remain does not believe that giving iran more time will work. they appear to have distance there. >>neil: thank you from the white house were the president flaming go -- blaming the run on gas prices on wall street. the president's point was that while iran could contribute, traders, those who trade the constitute are gunning it and exaggerating it. you agree? >>guest: this is in doubt someone is ma anyone -- manipulating the market because unlike the 1970's where you had long gas lones that is not the case here but we see the gas prices go up. in los angeles, at left, a year ago the price of gas was $3.80 a
1:27 pm
gallon and last month it was less than that, $3.80 and, today, it is at $4.50 so all of a sudden the price skyrocketed and the my is the same and the demand is the same and someone is manipulating the market, i would say it is wall street and opec. >>neil: maybe it is you, your colleagues in washington not being able to agree on spending cuts that weakened the dollar. as you know the oil is priced in dollars, gas is priced in dollars when the dollar is chop it -- clean it costs more. >>guest: but last year the price of gas in los angeles was $3.82. today it is a lot more. >>neil: and the dollar is weaker. i am not saying there -- why do i always hear washington pointing fingers the other way when, at the least, you are contributing factors, the inability, and it goes for republicans, to get spending under criminal, to get debt
1:28 pm
under control, thanks our particular and thanks confidence in our economy and that means more expensive oil, gas, anything priced in dollars and i know you want to say oliver stone is at lay here but, maybe, he is not. >>guest: let me agree. let me tell you that i agree that if work could get their act together and we could have a congress that would get to work to start create jobs and we would do better. first thing i would do, i don't about my other colleagues but i would tell the oil companies that made $137 billion in profits last year, maybe they should give up the $4 billion a year they get in subsidies. >>neil: fine, and you did not agree at the outset, so, would you argue by trying to stay, greeting the manipulators is masking the real problem which could be washington's inability
1:29 pm
to handle our finances, growing lack of confidence on the part of investors and that is hurting the markets and the improving government that you could make the statement that it is picking up demand. >>guest: that is a big leap because we have seen the rice -- price jump so markettedly. if what you said --. >>neil: what about iran? i am saying with we point fingers like oliver stone at forces that could be fictitious why not look at forces that are real. >>guest: it is not fictitious. today, two thirds of all the trade done for the purchase of a barrel of oil --. >>neil: wait, wait, wait, when they go down is someone manipulating them down. you just said the firsts are manipulating the markets up, but when they go down is the same
1:30 pm
force at play? >>guest: say that again? until when prices go down as they did today, what greedy s.o.b.'s are doing that? >>guest: you do not have as much manipulation. traders do nothing about using the oil but trade in it because it is right new, you can escalate the rice if it were the airline association all the airline companies that were buying, they would not try to jack up the price of oil because it costs money but today two thirds of all trades are not done by airlines and trunkers. >>neil: they make money either way, they short it to make money going down. >>guest: the facts are the facts, the prices have again up dramatically and there is no --. >>neil: i wish we had more time. if you spent more time looking not mirror than casting villains that may not be there we might make some progress. >>guest: let's get to the heart of the problem. >>neil: you just did. you just did.
1:31 pm
this deserves a serious debate not a finger pointing debate. thank you very much. >>guest: i am not pointing fingers. >>neil: yes, you did, but thank you, the media ripping romney for not being like everyone else and imus is ripping romney for even trying to be. ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ can you feel it out there? ♪ ♪ you gotta lift yourself up ♪ ♪ that's right [ male announcer ] join the masters of style... even trimming, a close shave, and accurate edging... with the new gillette fusion proglide styler. ♪ [ male announcer ] new fusion proglide styler and clear shave gel from gillette.
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>>neil: connecting with voters in tennessee, at least. >> remember the song "born in a mountain top in tennessee, land of the free, raised in the woods and he killed a bear when he was three." >>neil: the attempts to be average joe are turning out awkward and that is why imus says stop trying. not average joe or davey. don thank you for coming. >>guest: well, i like the pasta with fresh basil, and, then -- who is this? hello, neil. >>neil: what has been interesting following your show you have bun nonstop criticizing romney for being like an average joe, the cadillac comment and
1:36 pm
everything else, stop being that way, you argue we don't want the president to be average joe. >>guest: we don't, if we witnessed larry the cable guy to be president we with vote for him. we want someone who can afford to get his wife two cadillacs, someone who has the potential to dig us out of this mess we are in, so for him to ... he tied the dog to the top of the car, fine. is the dog dead? no. he has to stop, go on, get to stop singing davey crockett. stop it. stop it. >>neil: so, you with not be singing if you are romney but you commended the president sing? >>guest: if you get people from the allman brothers and you know they will not vote for the president and b.b. king half of the people in this country, they
1:37 pm
will vote for the guy they like, and romney, i love romney, i would move to ohio today or back to ohio to vote if him but he has to stop trying, stop it. >>neil: but the problem he has is that he is so rich that if he were to embrace that welts electric you have suggested and accept the fact he 70 like everyone else, then he will come off as aloof or detached as the media has criticized him for being. and you are saying embrace that? >>guest: be what you are. look at you. you are the lovable, huggable guy, on the air as off the hair, you have to be who you are. that is why people like certain people on television or the movies because they sense a genuineness about people and he just looks phony. by the way, the president is, as
1:38 pm
phony as he is, by the way --. >>neil: what does he do? >>guest: trying to be so hip and, just ... i am not hating on the president but they are just, all of these very politicians, remember when john mccain, the treaty talk express before he lost his mind? people liked him because though knew who he was. >>neil: do you think romney has to do what beck -- beck -- bill clinton came on your show, candidates have to have a human moment or to this case is it not ins in these times, not necessary at all? >>guest: o'reilly had him on and he knows him fairly well and that is what o'reilly said, you have to, and i know him a little bit. >>neil: so you are copying bill o'reilly's opinion? >>guest: can i yet o'reilly?
1:39 pm
>>neil: i thought it was your opinion, i would have backed o'reilly. >>guest: he would not come on your show. number one were o'reilly said the same thing, because romney has a remaining which sense of humor, she a lovely guy but he is terrified of everything he says and you go down to tennessee and sing davey crockett that is so lame ... it makes you ... oh, god! >>neil: does it bother you that most of our presidents with few excepts have been wealthy? and a lost people say time to get over the elitism thing, we have to even have the candidate would run for this office, it is not a purview for the rich regardless of whether we have had our fdr's or john f. kennedy's or ronald reagan's that is not right, we should get someone who is "us." you say, what? >>guest: well, no it doesn't
1:40 pm
me. look what happened when you get politicians who don't have money. remember when agn. w was vice president taking bags of money in you want someone who has accomplished something in their lives, and romney is an accomplished guy. he took am the money he inherited and he gave it away. >>neil: that is right. >>guest: he is a marvelous give but it is unfortunate, and i still think he gets the nomination he could win. by the way, if someone in ohio is watching, i am begging you to vote for him. vetting for rick santorum, come on. what is the point? stop it. stop it. step the madness. >>neil: i know you don't do this often but it is a pleasure. >>guest: you make me do it. >>neil: i can't make you do anything. >>guest: why go on anyone's show you make me do this.
1:41 pm
>>neil: leak you make me appear on your fine show but i always say that is an on -- an honor. he will be in a better mood tonight along with senator from kentucky, rand paul, and former new york stock exchange chairman, grasso, and former governor richardson. you don't get fox business network? demand it! or i will have don imus come to your house and drag it out of you. ohio is getting a lot of buzz today, but, the fight just in tennessee has a strong turn out expected but who has the real edge? a romney rally is set for tonight. carl? >>carl: the volunteer state
1:42 pm
has a great contest. rick santorum had a lead a week and a half ago up by several points and last week or so, both newt gingrich and romney have found ways to get ground gained in tennessee. so, it is looking like it could be a battle and because if south of the mason-dixon, a state that could be a place where we get an idea of regional sport, in the old south and as a consequence, santorum's lead and whether it is eroding is a big deal and newt gingrich played up the southern roots saying he is from georgia and will drop nature the south. and romney has been campaigning hard in tennessee. and he has played up the fact he has won five states in a row so he has momentum, so, that is one of the states where the delegates are divided evenly. 55 delegates at steak and half are from the popular vote and the other half based on congressional districts so
1:43 pm
whoever wednesday the popular vote will not sweep the delegates. >>neil: that is weird but you understand it. carl, thank you. jobs are the big issue so the president has another powwow landed with c.e.o.'s tonight and a c.e.o. who is not coming. ahead. all energy development comes with some risk,
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hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. >>neil: voters saying it is all about jobs and the president hearing it loud and clear spending super tuesday night with business hers. i had a felling if you were there it would not be a genteel question. what would you tell him? >>guest: make the united states more house -- more
1:47 pm
hospitable to employ people. >>neil: doing what? >>guest: we have the third highest corporate tax rate if the world and you can go any place in the world and put up a plant and get a lower tax rate and at the same time american companies several high tax rate and we keep listening to the rhetoric of how we are undertaxed and not paying our fair share and blah, blah, blah, and it is country -- count counterproductive and i have to decide where to shut down a plant on the best interest of the shareholders. >>neil: the president will argue when gives like you hire abroad at the expense of american jobs here you are not doing anyone any good. what do you say? >>guest: well, you can make a lot of ... arts that -- argumens
1:48 pm
that are not right, half of our employees are not united states and if we did not have our offshore employees who are hered partly because they are more economical, if we did not have those employees, our 1,700 americans with not have a job. companies are international and they have a mixture people and you cannot just bring stuff back and forth bass you compete against other companies and if you are not competitive relative to them including japanese and chinese, you will go out of business. >>neil: we got news today that china could be slowing down. we with dream of g.d.p. location what they are talking about now but it is coming off the high of early talk of 8 percent or 9 percent growth and more like high 6's not what it was but still enviable. what happens if china, really, slows down markettedly. then what?
1:49 pm
>>guest: well, first of all, they have a high growth race because they have the greatest customer in the world, us, and it is a good deal for us because the stuff they make is economically priced and we are better off for having it. they do not want us to slow down. we view them as the enemy is wrong, they make stuff for us. what happens if she slow down? well, the tide raises all boats and when the united states sneezes the world gets a cold, if china has problems it will hurt us, so, we want all the economies in all the countries in the world to do well including greece. >>neil: always a pleasure, thank you from san jose, t.j. he calls it as he sees it. >> is the g.o.p. nominee going >> is the g.o.p. nominee going to have to compete with this?
1:50 pm
>> is the g.o.p. nominee going to have to compete with this? how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. . 's biggest cities. siemens. answers. not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get one-on-one help from america's retirement leader.
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>> neil: as candidates look for super tuesday vote, republicans are looking for bill clinton attack for wall street campaign cash. it's a sign right now that the president's money machine could be in some trouble. will he have difficulty in this particular community? i think with or without bill clinton, he would. >> yeah, i think the president does have some difficulty raising money from wall street these days, especially after what we've seen happen to the economy over the last couple of years. look, comparison here to the 2008 campaign. during which he was very popular on wall street. he got a lot of money from wall street investment bankers, financial types. he doesn't see that kind of support this time around. he will need extra support from someone like former president clinton.
1:54 pm
he is very popular with democrats at large and on wall street to help him. >> neil: i think bill clinton's argument, i can almost hear him say it. the deli you know is better than the deli you don't know. we're on the upswing. i can do it well but i won't lower myself. it's taxing when people do accent. >> thank you. >> neil: what do you think of that? it would be a duff sell, right? >> but it's a much easier sell coming from bill clinton than coming from barack obama at this point. right now, barack obama is saying the last couple of years were bad and it could have been worse. much more effective argument coming from an outsider, than an outside like bill clinton who presided over a good economic era in our country. >> neil: you think this might work. >> i think it's going to help. i think having bill clin top at a rundraiser for democrats, and most places in the country help. he's still very popular with the base. i can go out to congressional
1:55 pm
campaign and offer endorsement to senate races and congressional campaign all the time. he's still a popular fundraiser in democratic circles. >> neil: okay. we'll see. thank you very, very much. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: all right. well news of polling problems in ohio, the latest on that. after this. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there,
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>> neil: all right. we are just getting word now. some polling problems in ohio, frank lynn county reporting the issues. allen county, a voting location at a school had to be moved to a church because of a bomb threat. no bomb was found. the county election board in columbus says some left the polling places after workers didn't know what ballot to give them. they don't believe a large number of workers were effected though this has been happening in multiple precincts. the issue if it occurs, to enough people how big of a deal could it be?
1:59 pm
we don't know. in the meantime, only one place to get super tuesday results with live market action around the globe. that's the fox business network at 8:00 p.m. tonight. politics and business over there breaking down what your votes mean to your money. on fbn, your money is what is our concern. say you're not getting fbn. >> demand it. >> neil: sometimes the results are delayed. this is going to come up, too, because the corner of and broad on super tuesday we had a super selloff. this is the biggest hit we had this year. i want to put it in perspective. stocks are up 5%. this having very little do with today and more with what is not going on in greece. talktalks that they are not swallowing the medicine. talks of the chinese, strongest growing economy on the planet might be slowing down. their idea of slowing down would be our idea ofwi